The A.T. team combines professionalism and expertise with true passion and a persistent pursuit of our goals. We hire highly skilled professionals, verified by their academic credentials and many years of field trial experience. We spend the whole year on the fields we supervise. When it comes to crop protection, our competence and expertise are conveyed through our passion and dedication.

To get the highest precision data in our trials, we use the modern, certified trial field equipment and machinery (plot sprayers, plot harvester, laboratory equipment for estimation parameters and quality of yield). All our trials are conducted in accordance with the guidelines of Good Experimental Practice (GEP). The evaluation and data collection follows the guidelines of the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO). Data management and reporting is done via ARM (Agricultural Research Manager).

The research stage ends with a report detailing all the information on the conditions in which the trials were conducted (location, soil class, agronomic treatments, weather conditions), and the data collected during the evaluation and observations. Based on the obtained results, we draw a specific conclusions that will be useful for producing valuable agronomic recommendations. In addition, we also offer a harvesting service with a combine harvester. This specialized machine enables the harvesting of all types of cereals, rape, and legumes. It should be emphasized that this harvester is equipped with a modern weight measurement system, which allows the assessment of the yield in the field